Kayak trip from Silves to Estombar down Arade river

Inflating the kayak in Sives,Algarve,Pt
First stretch of the river, last view on Silves
The river still small
Surrounded by nature
Birds Around
Lunch at Club Nautico de Silves
Club Nautico de Sives
Silves seen from de club Nautico
the river grows bigger
River Arade
Wind over tide, River Arade
Tree trunk in the mud on river bank, Arade
Highway bridge over River Arade,Algarve Pt
Shrine in rocks, River Arade
National road 125, bridge near Portimao,Algarve,Pt
highway 22 bridge
National road 125 bridge
nearly at the end of our trip
Final destination in view
the ramp and N125 bridge in one view,Estombar,Algarve,Pt
Arrived at the ramp on club Nautica Estombar
Inflating the kayak in Sives,Algarve,Pt


Another thing scratched of the list..

yesterday we finally managed to find de time to kayak down the Arade river, something we wanted to do already for quite some time…we started from the old moorish capital of the Algarve , Silves, to the outskirts of Portimao at the mouth of the river, a trip of nearly 9 kilometres…

we had to made some logistic choices. so we dropped one car of at the end point and drove with the other car to Silves,

We arrived at the starting point of the water being high time, making best use of the current taking us down towards the sea..

Starting of the river is still small and there was a lot of birds flying around, snippets and storks, egrits and herons…

After 3 kilometers we stopped for lunch at the club Nautica de Silves, we had a drink and enjoyed our home made cucumber-tuna salad..

After lunch we continued our trip, while the wind picked up, but not in our favour, luckily the tide was stronger and pushed us down river anyway…we went closed to the side of the river to avoid the waves coming to us..

we passed a Quinta that once upon a time we visited and loved and thought about of buying before we found our dream house…almost not visible from the water…it looked rundown or not kept up…not lived in…

Soon the freeway bridge and a bit later the national road bridge came in view..

there is a little shrine in the rocks near the freeway bridge, from one of the saint ladies, only for people on boats to see…wishing the passengers safe journeys..

not long after the second bridge we arrived at our destination, the ramp of the club Nautica de municipal de Estombar, where we deflated the kayak and changed for some dryer clothes..

we drove to the Kalu beach bar in Ferragudo for a well deserved arrival drink with some Dutch snacks..! before driving to Silves again to have dinner in ‘ Café Ingles’ and collect the other car….

there was a nest of beautiful tiny kittens there and the owner said please take one home….

Yet another adventurous day …spend together…which we do our best to honour as a important part of our lives…adventure and doing it together…



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Kayak adventure from Silves down the river Arade   


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Kayak trip from Sives to Estombar down the river Arade