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Thailand backpacking adventure part VII


The adventure is coming to an end!


Ao Nang Privacy Resort was definitely not the best place we stayed so far, the bedroom did not have any windows, but airco and there was a window at the front room we could leave open for the necessary fresh air to get into the room. The staff was nice and it was only 50 meters from the resort we stayed before and it was quiet. At night we discovered a new part of town were we hadn’t been yet, but eventually ended up at the beach resort, treating our selfs to steak and sea view.

Next day we had a coffee at our favourite 8.98 coffee place and the waitress even remembered what we wanted after being gone for nearly a week!

We took the boat to Tonsai bay, at Railey and while Dhyana lingered on the beach I walked across the island over the jungle track to Phra Nang Beach on the west side of the island. Tourism was on its max here with even fast food vending boats moored on the beach…. Phra Nang Cave must house the biggest collection of wooden falusses I have ever seen! I returned over the common tourist road, passing monkeys on the way, back to Tonsai Beach. This beach was definitely the most quiet beach of them all, with a lot of Rock climbing activities and one big resort, slightly further back behind a wall lies “the base camp” a true pirates of the Caribbean strong hold..

We had some lunch at the resorts restaurant near the beach and chilled till just before sunset, before wandering back to Railey west beach. We had dinner at the beachfront again and took the night boat back to Ao Nang…

Next morning we had a relaxed start and pre packed our travel bag already before driving of to town for our daily cup of 8.98 coffee. While in the coffee place it started to rain, the first rain we had on our whole trip. We stayed for another cup of coffee.

Keith the traveller we met on the train in Kanchanaburi arrived on the scene, he had travelled from China Mai by train and flown from Bangkok to Krabi and then stayed 2 nights in Krabi, he just moved over to a resort at the Ao Nang side..

After the rain had stopped, Dhyana went off for shopping and a massage, while Keith and I took of on the scooters towards Nopparat Thara Ferry pier. Slightly out of town of Ao Nang. This is the place where all the big ferries leave from and we’re all the longtail boats are “parked” when they are not in use.

We walked around the headland took some pictures and returned over the low tide uncovered beach back towards the scooters. Keith broke his flip flop due to the suction of the muddy sand.. when driving back to Ao Nang the rain started again so we stopped along the road at a place we’re the sold flip flops, so Keith could buy one. The rain continued so we went to the bar next door and had a drink, waiting for the rain to stop..

An hour later we drove back to the beachfront in Ao Nang, parked the bikes and went looking for Dhyana. We found her on the walking street along the beach. We had a drink at the last bar on the beach watching the sun go down… I still had to return the bike, so together with Keith we drove to Mr Sac, dropped of the bike, got my passport back and hopped on the back of Keith’s bike to return to the beach bar. We stayed there for dinner and enjoyed the last dinner at the coast.

We returned by mini truck songthew to the resort.


Next morning we got up early for breakfast and tea before we got shuttled to the airport by the guy from the property. It was a long line to the checkin desk, but we made it well in time for our flight of just over 1 hour to Bangkok Dom Muang airport.

Another hour on public transport brought us back to the hotel area. After some lunch we checked into our hotel and this time we had a more quiet room in the back.

Later in the afternoon we wandered through the streets for a drink at the Aley-cat bar, bought some shirts and ended up at Madame Musur for dinner at the street front.

Then came the last day in Bangkok. Our flight did not leave until 20:35 so we had all day to chill and make our way to the airport. We had breakfast at the Macaroni Club, coffee at Gallery and Coffee opposite, then we headed back to Madame Masur for a smoothie while laying down in the lounge area.. We stayed for lunch and went back to the hotel to pick up our bags at 16:00, then we took a tuk tuk to Phaya Thai sky train station and the rail link to the airport. A few hours later we were on our way… 7 hours to Dubai a 2 and half hour layover that mainly consisted of moving from one terminal to another and another 7 hour flight saw us landing at Schiphol airport..7:30 in the morning and a temperature difference of 33 degrees with Bangkok.

The adventure had come to an end.

Another amazing experience added to our lives.





Hotels and resorts we stayed during our Thailand trip.


Bangkok – New Siam II

Kanchanaburi – Bamboo resort

Ayutthaya – Baan Suan Homestay

Chiang Mai – Tadkham village

Pai – Flora Resort

Pai – Smilehouse

Phang Mapha – Cave Lodge

Pai – Princess Resort

Chiang Mai – Tadkham Village

Khao Sok – Palmview Resort

Koh Lanta – Lanta K Home

Koh Jum – Coral Bay Resort

Koh Jum – Jungle Hill Beach Bungalow

Ao Nang – Aonang Privacy Resort